Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Staircases in Silver Lake

Number of stairs-50

Music Box Steps-Vendome St. to Descano Dr.

133 steps

Descano-Descano Dr. to Descano Dr.

10 steps

Descano-Descano Dr. to Larissa Dr.

139 steps

Dillion-another "sidewalk staircase" At the corner of Dillion St. and Rotary Dr.

5 steps

Cicero- Redcliff St. to Cicero Dr.

90 steps

Hamilton Way to Elevado St.

102 steps

Murray Dr. to Hamiliton Way

83 steps

Hamiliton-Sunset Blvd to Hamilton

90 steps

Dillon-Vendome St. to Vendome St.

13 steps

Robinson-Sayrne Lane to Robinson St.

66 steps

Micheltorena Pt.1-Sunset Blvd to Larissa Dr.

109 steps

Micheltorena Pt.2-Larissa Dr. to Winslow Dr.

96 steps

Occidental Stairs North -Silver Lake Blvd to Occidental Blvd.

25 steps

Occidental Stairs South -Silver Lake Blvd to Occidental Blvd.

30 steps.

Easterly Terrace North- Occidental Blvd. to Easterly Terrace

76 steps.

Silverwood Terrace North- Easterly Terrace to Silverwood Terrace

104 steps

Angelus-Angelus Ave. to Angelus Ave.

177 steps

Easterly Terrace South- Occidental Blvd. to Easterly Terrace

 82 steps

Silverwood Terrace South-Easterly Terrace to Silverwood Terrace

89 steps


15 Up and 20 Down 

Mohawk- Glendale Blvd to Mohawk St.

111 steps

Cove Stairs-Cove Ave. to Cove Ave.

163 steps.

Baxter St- another sidewalk stair case

4 steps

Cove/Glendale Blvd.-Glendale Blvd to Apex.

19 steps

Fanning-Easterly Terrace to Fanning St.

108 steps

Effie Stairs- Redesdale Ave. to Rotary Dr.

82 steps

Swan Pt. 1-Westerly Terrace to Redesdale Ave.

77 steps.

Swan Pt. 2- Redesdale Ave. to Rotary Dr.

110 steps

Swan Pt. 3-Rotary Dr. to Webster Ave.

100 steps

Manzanita Stairs- Manzanita St. to Sunset Blvd.

40 steps

Landa Pt. 3.-Landa St. to Redesdale Ave.

84 steps.

Kenilworth-W. Silver Lake Ave to Kenilworth Ave.

73 steps.

Tesla-Kenilworth Ave. to Moreno Dr.

111 steps

Glendale Blvd. Pt. 1-Glendale Blvd. to Ivan Hill Terrace

56 steps

Glendale Blvd. Pt. 2-Ivan Hill Terrace to Ivanhoe Dr.

156 steps

Home Stairs Pt.1-These stairs are located behind the Home Restaurant, corner of Fletcher and Riverside, parking lot.  I consider these two separate staircases because at the top of Pt. 1 is a dirt trail and then to continue to Pt. 2, there is a long walkway.

64 steps

Home Stairs Pt.2- These stairs end at Waverly Dr.

45 steps

Faith Stairs-these stairs are between the Faith Church on Fletcher and the Car Wash at the corner of Fletcher and Glendale Blvd. From the other end, where Locksley Place ends, there is a walkway that leads to Fletcher and this staircase.

12 steps


82 Steps

Lake View

77 Steps

Silver Lake Court

31 Steps

Riverside Terrace-Riverside Terrace to Silver Lake Court

35 Steps


98 Steps

Lake View North

35 Steps


133 Steps

Earl St. Stairs-Bancroft Ave. to Hidalgo Ave.

215 steps.

Part of the motherlode stairs, along with Loma Vista, and Edendale!

Loma Vista-Glendale Blvd to Allesandro Way

Up 182 steps, then Down 166 steps.

Part of the motherlode stairs along with Earl and Edendale!

Edendale- Fair Oak View Terrace to Edendale Place.

147 steps.  In Fleming's Secret Stairs book, he incorrectly lists this as 134 steps for Walk #26.

Part of the motherlode stairs along with Earl and Loma Vista.

Fernwood- Meadow Valley Terrace to Fernwood Ave.

90 steps

Lanterman Terrace: Scotland St. to Lanterman Terrace

51 steps

Tracy- Griffith Park Blvd. to Meadow Valley Terrace

23 steps

Landa Pt1- On Landa St. and Another "side walk" staircase

19 steps

Landa Pt. 2- Landa St. and Lucille Ave. to Edgecliffe Dr.

97 steps

Landa Pt. 3- Edgecliffe Dr. to Maltman Ave.

154 steps

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  1. Great and awesome compilation of staircases in Silverlake, thanks so much for this!