Sunday, June 16, 2013

Staircases in Montecito Heights & Happy Valley

Number of stairs-13

Academy St.- Academy St. to Hillsdale Dr.  Another sidewalk staircase.

44 steps

Academy St.-Academy St. to Hillsdale Dr.

129 steps.

Browne Ave to Florizel St. 

103 steps

Boundary Ave to Mercury Ave.-I'll call this one staircase.  After climbing up the first set, it leads to a dirt trail, make a left and looking left, you will find the second set of stairs.

27 steps

22 steps

Galena St. to Esmeralda St.

106 steps

Pyrites St. - An elevated sidewalk bi staircase, that intersects with the Upper Tourmaline St. stairs.

22 steps then a long walkway.

 15 steps

Upper Tourmaline St. Stairs.

191 steps

Lower Tourmaline St. Stairs.- Mission Rd to Pyrites St.

32 steps

Commodore St. to Onyx Dr.

123 steps

Lower Beagle Stairs-Huntington Dr. South to Beagle St.

77 steps

Upper Beagle- Beagle St. to Cato St.

99 steps

Homer St. to Griffin Ave.

63 steps

Griffin Ave. to Monetcito Dr.

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