Sunday, June 30, 2013

Staircases in Mt. Washington

Number of stairs-10

Ave. 43 Stairs

102 steps

Marmion Way to Glenalybyn Dr. North.

59 steps

Marmion Way to Glenalybyn Dr. -South.

23 steps

Canyon Crest St. Stairs- these stairs go basically from Ave 45 to Canyon Crest St.  There is a long dirt trail at Ave 45 that leads to the base of this staircase.

23 steps

Clermont St. Stairs

154 steps

Mavis Dr. to Starling Way

37 wooden steps, 11 earthen steps, 28 concrete steps

Lynn St. Stairs

60 steps

Eldred St. Stairs

196 steps

Lower Vista Gloriosa- 31 steps.

Beech St. to Vista Gloriosa Dr.

Upper Vista Glorios- 76 steps

Vista Gloriosa Dr. to  Vista Gloriosa Dr.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Staircases in Downtown Los Angeles

Number of stairs- 5

Broadway to Hill St.

73 steps

These next set of stairs are at the Fort Moore Memorial.  Both the east and west sides are locked at the top.

Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial East

88 steps

Lower east

7 steps

Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial West

88 steps

Lower west:

6 steps

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Staircases in Montecito Heights & Happy Valley

Number of stairs-13

Academy St.- Academy St. to Hillsdale Dr.  Another sidewalk staircase.

44 steps

Academy St.-Academy St. to Hillsdale Dr.

129 steps.

Browne Ave to Florizel St. 

103 steps

Boundary Ave to Mercury Ave.-I'll call this one staircase.  After climbing up the first set, it leads to a dirt trail, make a left and looking left, you will find the second set of stairs.

27 steps

22 steps

Galena St. to Esmeralda St.

106 steps

Pyrites St. - An elevated sidewalk bi staircase, that intersects with the Upper Tourmaline St. stairs.

22 steps then a long walkway.

 15 steps

Upper Tourmaline St. Stairs.

191 steps

Lower Tourmaline St. Stairs.- Mission Rd to Pyrites St.

32 steps

Commodore St. to Onyx Dr.

123 steps

Lower Beagle Stairs-Huntington Dr. South to Beagle St.

77 steps

Upper Beagle- Beagle St. to Cato St.

99 steps

Homer St. to Griffin Ave.

63 steps

Griffin Ave. to Monetcito Dr.