Thursday, November 30, 2017

Staircases in Franklin Hills

I have been told Franklin Hills is in Los Feliz.  I have also heard Franklin Hills is in Silver Lake.  Where ever it's actually located here are the staircases in Franklin Hills!

Scotland-Hyperion to Lyric

137 steps

Radio Walk Pt. 3-Claremont to Lyric

110 steps


Up 10, Down 27 

Clayton to Cumberland-

126 steps

Sunset to Sanborn

41 steps

Sanborn to Clayton- 

43 steps


Prospect Walk Pt 1-Prospect to Deloz 

57 steps

Prospect Walk Pt 2-Deloz to Hollyvista

71 steps

Prospect Walk Pt 3-Hollyvista to Franklin

168 steps

Radio Walk Pt.1-Deloz to Hollyvista

127 steps

Radio Walk Pt. 2- Hollyvista to Franklin

97 steps

Sanborn to Franklin

85 steps

Udell to Maywood

207 steps

Udell to Maywood

39 steps

Hoover Stairs-Hoover St. to Prospect Ave.

38 steps