Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Social Media

Social media has really gotten the word out about the hidden staircases!  I found on yelp that somebody named Elizabeth V. wrote a review of the hidden staircases in Silver Lake!  She did a route starting from LA Mill!  Elizabeth, if you're out there thanks!!! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Staircases in Franklin Hills

I have been told Franklin Hills is in Los Feliz.  I have also heard Franklin Hills is in Silver Lake.  Where ever it's actually located here are the staircases in Franklin Hills!

Scotland-Hyperion to Lyric

137 steps

Radio Walk Pt. 3-Claremont to Lyric

110 steps


Up 10, Down 27 

Clayton to Cumberland-

126 steps

Sunset to Sanborn

41 steps

Sanborn to Clayton- 

43 steps


Prospect Walk Pt 1-Prospect to Deloz 

57 steps

Prospect Walk Pt 2-Deloz to Hollyvista

71 steps

Prospect Walk Pt 3-Hollyvista to Franklin

168 steps

Radio Walk Pt.1-Deloz to Hollyvista

127 steps

Radio Walk Pt. 2- Hollyvista to Franklin

97 steps

Sanborn to Franklin

85 steps

Udell to Maywood

207 steps

Udell to Maywood

39 steps

Hoover Stairs-Hoover St. to Prospect Ave.

38 steps

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Staircases in Chinatown

Number of Staircases:2

Yale St. to N. Hill Place - 152 steps

This is a new staircase built between two new apartment complexes!  I was at the Chinatown Library and a lady said now she has to walk up a steep staircase to get home!  So, I asked her where this staircase, and she said it was just up the road!   She was kind enough to take me to the staircase and what a beautiful staircase

Downey Rec Center to North Broadway-38 steps

This staircase starts at the Downey Rec Center which is on North Spring St. and goes up to North Broadway!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Staircases in Glassell Park

Number of Staircases-9

Crestmoore Place to Crestmoore Place

93 steps

Arthur St. to Yorkshire Dr.

107 steps

Ave 31.
Verdugo Blvd. to Verdugo Place

40 steps

Hines Dr. to Brilliant Dr.

109 steps

Scandia Way to Verdugo View Dr.

25 steps

Oneonta Dr. to Olancha Dr.

132 steps

Cleland Ave to Nob Hill Dr.

64 steps

Delevan Dr. to Ave 42

22 steps

Ave 42 to Medlow Ave.

131 steps