Saturday, June 1, 2013

Staircases in Highland Park

Number of stairs- 16

As I mentioned in the Locked Stairways, the Mt. Angelus area of Highland Park has many stairways and the stairways were named after well known activists in the women’s suffrage movement and abolitionists.

Sterling- Mt Angelus Dr. to La Follette Dr.- 68 steps.

La Follette- Wayland to Lamont- 32 steps down.

Andes- Lamont to Garrison 47 steps down.

Grimke-Lamont to Wayland 46 steps up.

Monte Vista-Wayland to La Follette 24 steps down.

Avenue 55 Stairs-Avenue 55 to Raber St.

23 steps

These next four stairs are between Ave 50 and Ave 54 and York and Monte Vista.
Salient Stairs.-50th Ave to Montezuma St.

132 steps.

Abbott Stairs-Abbott Place to Shipley Glen.

56 steps.

Raphael Stairs- 54th Ave. to Raphael St

27 steps.

Granada Stairs- 54th Ave  to Granada St

127 steps

Ave 58 Stairs-Connects Benner St. to Figueroa St.

80 steps

Ave 64 Stairs- Marmion Way to  Ave 64

A partial Y shaped staircase.  After reaching the top of the 45 steps, if you go to the left there are 22 more steps, if you go to the right, there is a sidewalk.  Take the stairs!!

45 steps

22 steps

Ave 66 Stairs -Marmion Way to Ave 66

23 steps

Myosotis St. - Kirby St. to Saylin Lane

116 steps

Ave 64 to Lantana Dr

50 steps

That building in the background in the above picture, is the Church of the Angels.

Hough St-Ave 67 to Ave 66

125 steps

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