Saturday, September 14, 2013

Staircases in Santa Monica

Number of Staircases-13

Entrada Dr. to Adelanide Dr.- Sometimes called the "wooden" 4th St. Stairs.

169 steps

Attilla Rd. to Entrada Dr.

25 steps

Sage Lane to Mesa Rd.- This staircase also leads to a staircase that goes to
Amalfi Dr.

14 steps up from Sage Lane

18 steps up from Mesa Rd.

First, 13 steps.

Then 5 steps.

Sage Lane to Amalfi Dr.-You can catch this staircase from either Mesa Rd. or Sage Lane.

64 steps

Amalfi Dr. to Amalfi Dr.

124 steps

Amalfi Dr. to Mesa Rd.

124 steps

Sycamore Rd. to  Mesa Rd.

48 steps

E. Rustic Rd. to Mesa Rd.

61 steps

Hillside Lane to Vance St.

85 steps

PCH to Ocean Way

48 steps

Entrada Dr. to Mabery Rd.

79 steps.  For some reason in Walk #40 in Fleming's Secret Stairs book, he lists this staircase having 169 steps.

Ocean Ave-Two part elevated staircase above Ocean Ave.

36 steps and 43 steps

E. Ocean Ave to Adelaide Dr. -The Famous 4th St. Stairs.  These stairs can get very crowded with workout warriors.

189 steps

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