Saturday, September 14, 2013

Staircases in Pacific Palisades

Number of Stairs-9

PCH to Castellemmare Dr.

40 steps

Revello Dr. to Posetano Rd.

122 steps

Castellemmare Dr. to Posetano Rd.

69 steps

Posetano Rd. to Nowhere-Normally I wouldn't include a staircase that goes nowhere, but I assume the road at the top of this staircase was destroyed by mudslides.

86 steps

Revello Dr. to Castellemmare Dr.

91 steps

Breve Way to Castellemmare Dr.

91 steps

Posetano Rd. to Nowhere.

31 steps

Trino Way to Aderno Way- two part, L shaped staircase.

117 steps

Carthage St.-N. Haverford Ave. to Via De La Paz

61 steps

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