Sunday, May 19, 2013

Staircases in Echo Park

Instead of posting routes with pictures of the staircases, I will just post pictures of the staircases.  The streets will be listed as to going up the staircase.

Number of stairs- 39

McDuff Stairs- Sunset Blvd to McDuff St.

74 steps.

LaVeta Stairs- McDuff St. to La Veta Terrace

64 steps.

Fairbanks- This leads to a dirt path that is filled with debris and leads to the Montana staircase.

Steps 28

Montana-This is actually a longer staircase that leads to a locked gate.

Steps- 72

Sunset Blvd.

This may look like a staircase to private house.  But, it's actually a public staircase.   This is a bi-staircase, one that goes both up and down.  There is a long walkway that connects the two staircases.

Sunset Blvd.-West 15 steps

23 steps

21 steps

15 steps

Edgeware-Wallace Ave. to W. Edgeware Rd. 

56  steps

Crosby-Laguna Ave. to Crosby Place.

84 steps.

 Innes Stairs-Sunset Blvd to E. Kensington Rd.

100 steps.

Kent St. Stairs- A unique staircase that starts with 28 steps, followed by a long walkway, then 12 steps, then on your left a staircase that is 26 steps, or if you continue on the walkway, 11 steps, followed by 9 steps.

28 steps

12 steps

11 steps then 9 steps at the top.

26 steps

Clinton St. Stairs-Glendale Blvd to Belmont Ave. A double sided staircase

88 steps

Bellevue East Stairs-Glendale Blvd to Belmont Ave.

55 steps

Bellevue West Stairs-On the west side of Alvarado and Zalvidea St. and goes to Bellevue.

87 steps.

This is the continuation of the Bellevue stairs. Coronado Terrace to Waterloo St.

82 steps. 

Marathon Stairs- Merwin St. to Coronado Terrace.

60 steps.

Reno-Bellevue Stairs-   These stairs go from London St. to Bellevue Ave.

66 steps.

Avalon East- landing at Lucretia Ave.

192 steps

Baxter-landing at Park Dr.

231 steps

Academy Rd. to Morton Place

5 steps


129 steps 

Donaldson East- Echo Park Ave to Princeton Ave.

143 steps

Alvarado South- Alvarado to Delta

39 steps

Alvarado St. North- Alvarado St. going south to Alvarado St. going north.

37 steps

Ewing-Lake Shore Ave to Alvarado St.

129 steps

Avalon West-Vestal Ave. to Lemoyne St.

125 steps

Baxter St. to Preston Ave.

39 steps.

Echo Park Ave. to Preston Ave.

29 steps

Delta Stairs- Delta to Lucretia Ave.

125 steps

Lucretia Stairs- Grafton St. to Lucretia Ave.

69 steps.

Ewing Stairs-These two staircases are "sidewalk" staircases.  They are on Ewing St. going up from Allesandro St. to Alvarado St.

Southside of Ewing- 55 steps.

Northside of Ewing-

60 steps.

Fargo-A very short "sidewalk" staircase.

19 steps

Donaldson West-Vestal Ave. to Lemoyne St.

25 steps

Ewing Mid-West- Preston Ave. to Vestal Ave.

25 steps up and then 4 steps down.

Landa Stairs-Whitmore Ave to Walcott Way.

151 steps

Peru Stairs-Walcott Way to Whitmore Ave.

114 steps.

Loma Vista East- Allesandro St. to Lake Shore Ave.

140 cement steps and 39 wooden steps.

Oak Glen Stairs- Allesandro St. to Lake Shore Ave.

26 wooden steps and 32 cement steps.

Cove Stairs- Allesandro St. to Alvarado St.

198 steps

Fellowship Park Stairs-A long, often confusing staircase that breaks off into three different areas.  One section, that was mentioned in Fleming's Secret Stairs book is actually private property.

31 steps

14 steps

After those mail boxes.  As you're going towards the 2 freeway, go to your right.  You will see a Y junction and if you stay to your left, you'll find these stairs that will take you to Landa St.

116 steps

At that Y junction if you go right, you will see these 20 steps.  These maybe private stairs but I'm not sure.

Elysian Park Dr. Stairs- Montana St. to Elysian Park Dr.

11 steps

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