Monday, May 27, 2013

Dodger Stadium Stairs

To me Dodger Stadium is a dump and needs to be replaced! I know that makes me as popular as a San Francisco Giants fan, but it's true.  Dodger Stadium is an overrated POS stadium that needs to meet the wrecking ball to improve!!!  I hope one day a new ballpark is built in downtown Los Angeles and a football stadium is built where The Dump, aka Dodger Stadium currently is.

I know the new ownership group, Guggenheim Baseball Management, has put a lot of money into renovations in 2012-2013 at the dump, but that's like putting Christmas lights on a mobile home!  Also, Janet Marie Smith, the Dodgers' senior director of planning and development, who is in charge of the renovations, has ridden the coattails of another person's idea about Camden Yards in Baltimore.  She has no vision or unique ideas for a ballpark, she just copies other people's ideas and gets credit for it!!

The Dump was built because Walter O'Malley, the bastard who stole the Brooklyn Dodgers from their rightful home, which is BROOKLYN, not LA, you stupid idiot LA Dodgers fans, and the city of Los Angeles stole the land that is Chavez Ravine from the poor Mexican families, to build The Dump!  The city bought the land from the Los Desterrados—the Uprooted, families by lying to them that low income housing would be built.  The city paid those poor Mexican families a fraction of the land's true value!!!  Then never built those low income housing!!!  Instead, that bastard O'Malley got his new stadium for the team he stole from Brooklyn!!

About six minutes into this ESPN 30 for 30 Fernando Nation tells the story of the Los Desterrados!

Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!!
Unlike other ballparks where everybody enters on the same level and takes ramp, escalators, and elevators up to their seat level.  At The Dump, and it's castle system of entry, you have to enter on the level of your ticket.  So the snotty rich, who sit in the field level seats texting away on their Iphones, aren't waiting in line with the regular folks, who actually know more than two players on each team, with their Top Deck tickets.  In other words, Segregation is alive and well at The Dump!!

Anyways, the caste system means there are staircases outside Dodger Stadium and lots of them.  One set of staircases go from the Left Field Pavilion to the Top Deck, which is the 3rd baseline. and the other set goes from the Right Field Pavilion to the Top Deck, which is the 1st baseline.

Left Field Pavilion to the Top Deck

While looking directly at the Left Field Pavilion, look for the white tent, which is souvenir storeJust to the right of the tent is the first set of stairs.

First level. 

23 steps up.

Second level.

23 steps.

Third level.  There are three staircases to choice from on this level.

24 or 25 steps.  A set of three stairs with the set on the far left having one less step than the other two sets.

23 steps.

18 steps.

Fourth Level:  Two staircases on this level.

10 steps

A set of 3 stairs- 16 steps.

5th level.  The next level has two staircases.

70 steps or you could wimp out and take the escalator.

Right after finishing the 70 steps you get to these 3 steps.

76 steps.

Reserve Level Stairs:

10 steps

10 steps.

6th level.  Just one staircase that goes to the Top Deck.  66 steps.

Top Deck- four staircases that go to the parking lot.

18 steps just to the right as you reach the Top Deck level.

21 steps.  In front of the ticket window.

4 steps.  Left Field side.

4 steps- Right Field side

Rightfield Pavilion to the Top Deck.

While looking directly at the Right Field Pavilion, look for the white tent, which is souvenir storeJust to the left of the tent is the first set of stairs.

PS.  This is the area where the ball landed when Kirk Gibson hit one of the most OVERRATED home runs in World Series history!!   While the home run was certainly dramatic, it was only one game.  If that steroid filled Oakland A's team had any guts, they could have come back and won the series.

1st Level-Two staircases on this level.

21 steps

11 steps.

2nd Level

23 steps

3rd Level

14 steps.

4th Level

74 steps.

Reserve Level staircase. 

2 steps.  Really???

8 steps.

5th Level 

37 steps.

6th Level 

29 steps.

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