Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Staircases in Los Feliz

Number of stairs-5

 Cromwell Stairs-Cromwell Ave to Bonvue Ave

181 steps

Glencairn Stairs- Bonvue Ave to Glencairn Rd.

70 steps.

Glendower Ave to Bryn Mawr Rd.-

133 steps 

Bryn Mawr Rd. to  Bonvue Ave

79 steps

These next three pictured staircases basically run parallel to Los Feliz Blvd as it turns into Western.  I'll call these one staircase.

This staircase goes from Fern Dell Pl. to the pathway.   While there is a gate, it was not locked the day I took this picture.

11 steps

This is the first set of stairs that you see when going west this path that parallels Los Feliz Blvd.

17 steps

Last set of stairs that go toward Western Ave.

22 steps.

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