Saturday, July 13, 2013

Staircases in Hollywood

Number of stairs- 25

St. Andrews Stairs-Neindorff Dr. to Tyron Rd.

153 steps


Foothill Dr. to Hollyridge Dr.

62 steps

Hollyridge Dr. to Hollyridge Dr.

73 steps

Hollyridge to Allview Terrace East

87 steps

Argosy Way to Tuxedo Terrace

51 steps

Vine Way to Alcyona Dr.

47 steps

Mt. Holly Dr. to Vista Del Mar Ave.

61 steps

Glencoe Way to Glencoe Way

80 steps

Glencoe Way to Paramount Dr.

110 steps

Hightower Dr. to Glencoe Way

103 steps 

Hightower-these next few steps of stairs all lead to the Hightower, where residents, with a key, use an elevator to get to their houses.

Broadview Terrace to Alta Loma Terrace

23 steps, 37 steps, 52 steps.

These 7 steps lead to more houses.

Alta Loma Terrace to Highland Ave.-This staircase goes directly to the parking lot for the residents of this area.  Follow that parking lot to Highland Ave.

18 steps, 4 steps, four sets of 14 steps, and 10 steps.

 Los Altos Place to Broadview Terrace

4 steps, then 23 steps

Los Altos Place to Rockledge

5 steps, then 11 steps

Glencoe Way to Glencoe Way

80 steps

Milner Rd. to Whitley Terrace

160 steps 

Whitley Terrace to Grace Ave.

23 steps 

Whitley Terrace to Iris Circle

27 steps 

Iris Circle to Iris Circle

A bi staircase that cuts right in the middle of Iris Circle.

From Whitley Terrace and Iris Circle-16 steps, then 18 steps, then 10 steps .

Beechwood Canyon

These stairs are in the Beechwood Canyon area of Hollywood.

Beechwood Dr. to Westshire

143 steps

Westshire Dr. to Hollyridge Dr.

149 steps

Hollyridge Dr. to Beechwood Dr.

178 steps

 Beechwood Dr. to Beldin Dr.

148 steps

Beldin Dr. to Durango Dr.

118 steps

Beldin Dr. to Woodshire Dr.

125 steps

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